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Review One

Alexian's music has always been a pleasure to listen to. Its nice when an artist writes from his heart, from the humorous to the spiritual. 

Review Two

Alexian is a very talented and spiritual musician. His album varies between inspiring and soaring songs to quirky and fun ditties.

Review Three

Alexian is a superb musician and songwriter. His songs are straight from the heart and performed beautifully. I recommend this to anyone, pagan or non-pagan alike. Biodh se!

Review Four

His music takes you deep into awareness and tugs at your heart, to bringing laughter out loud in a lighthearted manner. His chants and music are pure magick.

Review Five

Each of his songs is an offering of spirit; uplifting and sparking creative energy in the listener. 

Review Six

I think there is magic in his music.. My whole day can suck but this puts me in a meditative and wonderful mood... I am glad I found Alexian"s music